About our environmental education charity

Gardening: Caucasian Mother Daughter Picking Vegetables Waist Up

You can never change things by fighting the current reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete – Buckminster Fuller

Based in St Margarets Bay near Dover, The Bay Trust provides courses and amenities for children and adults from around the UK.

We recognise that we are at a crucial time in mankind’s evolution on this planet – a time when many outmoded models from the industrial age are breaking down whilst others, symptoms of the emerging post industrial age, are breaking through. These models are predominantly emerging from the grass roots – from communities and small enterprises across the globe.

Environmental Education for Schools at Rippledown

We are committed, to activities and initiatives that are working in harmony with the Earth’s life sustaining systems which in turn help enrich the local community and provide appropriate resources back to this organisation – i.e. the triple bottom line of environment, community and economy.

The Trust’s purpose is to provide real-world models of sustainable living – providing ‘show and tell (and do)’ educational experiences for all those visiting the Trust’s two main centres at Rippledown and The Pines Calyx and Garden.

The Trust’s core values are expressed through the themes of Collaboration, ‘Cradle-to-Cradle’ Sustainability and Community Benefit. Read More >>.

Find out more about read about The Bay Trusts Patron Sir Crispin Tickell and the Trustees >>