CPD Courses for Teachers

Inspired by your stay at Rippledown?

Then learn the best methods to teach outside the classroom – no matter what the weather throws at you. Practical workshops at our LOtC approved centre will help you deliver outdoor learning all year round.

The sample courses below are run at Rippledown and The Pines Calyx in St Margaret’s Bay and are designed to help new and experienced teachers in learning outside the classroom.

3 Outdoor Courses for teachers

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Confidence in Learning Outside the Classroom

2 Day Course

Day One

Covers the theoretical underpinnings of Learning Outside the Classroom, looks at how LOtC integrates with ECM and ESD and shows how integration can be used to boost your school’s attainment.

We will also look at the safety side of LOtC and how see some of the steps that can be taken to minimise them. No day focused on learning outside can be run indoors so after lunch we have the practical side where all the ideas are put into practice and we create ideas that you can take away with you.

Day Two

All of these activities are designed as a build up to the second day which is extremely practical and covers how to pre-visit successfully by trying out a visit to the Pines Garden and looks at how to integrate your visit into your pre and post visit lessons.

Also covered on the practical day will be a visit to a seashore environment to experience first-hand how the preparation and planning is put into practice in a safe yet educational way and gain ideas that can be taken away and applied to all your visits.

Confidence in Field Studies

One Day

An introduction to working with children in the Outdoor Classroom.

This course is designed to help teachers develop their knowledge of fieldwork skills which can then be used within school grounds or on class visits. The course will cover:

  • health and safety
  • risk assessment
  • appropriate dress
  • equipment and resources
  • preparation and follow-up
  • and much more!

Sustainable school grounds

One Day

  • Understand the importance of their own school grounds and how they can be improved to benefit both humans and wildlife
  • Look at materials in different ways and see how they can implement them in their designs for their school grounds
  • Have the confidence to grow food and vegetables even if the school does not have a formally defined vegetable plot
  • Plan and implement complimentary growing areas within their schools
  • Realise the potential for delivering a wide range or curriculum topics through activities related to their growing area.