Ecotherapy opportunities for therapists in Kent

Ecotherapy offers nature-based methods of physical and psychological healing, representing a new form of psychotherapy that enlarges the traditional scope of treatment to include the human–nature relationship.

Ecotherapy includes a range of therapeutic and reconnective practices which in their varied practice, helps to sustain health, community and environment.

We are offering a secluded, private garden in a coastal location perfect for therapists looking to work in the field of ecotherapy offering peace tranquillity and immersive nature connection. We are already delivering:

  • Horticultural skills
  • Nature watching
  • Green exercise
  • Woodland skills
  • Environmental art

All of which could support the delivery of ecotherapy programmes.

The Pines Garden a centre for Ecotherapy

The Pines Garden offers a range of environments from organically managed parkland, food growing areas, managed woodland, wild habitats, chalk grassland meadow and newly plated hedgerows. The site offers examples of permaculture and organic horticulture. There are always projects in which groups can take part or even ownership of. Come and meet our friendly and supportive team and find out more about our experience in arts, crafts, and forest school activities that can support therapeutic session.

Calyx Garden

Our Eco Venue has it’s own secluded ‘permaculture garden’ with herbs, grape vines interspersed with other edible fruits.


A breakout space offering additional privacy. It was built from wood felled on site, woven hazel hurdles and other upcycled materials.

Food Garden

An organically managed nursery and food growing area with raised beds, polytunnels a fruit cage and cut flower garden. Spaces where groups can engage with garden-to-plate growing and cooking and reconnect with the seasons!

Steps Bank

Campfire and woodland skills area, perfect for forest school activities such as firefighting, green woodworking and nature watching. This area offers real seclusion and even has its own composting toilet!

Forest School leaders & Arts and Crafts

Forest School Leaders can offer additional outdoor skills to help develop confidence through hands-on learning experiences in the natural environment. These experiences compliment ecotherapy with a learner-centred approach. Each session works with the ever-changing wonders of seasonality in the natural world.