Internships in sustainable development

Interested in pioneering R&D in a down to earth environment? Then this is a great place to learn.
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Benefits of internship

Career benefits

  • Applied learning
  • Practical research
  • Gain a recognised qualification
  • Excellent for your CV
  • A gateway to employment in the environmental sector

Subject areas

  • Sustainable building techniques
  • Digital film production
  • Low-carbon energy
  • Outdoor education
  • Permaculture land management

Other benefits

  • Possible accommodation
  • Subsistence contributions
  • Access to our network
  • Careers advice and mentoring from experts

Organic and permaculture food growing

What I’m Doing As part of my food growing internship, I am focusing on organic and permaculture methods of food growing. I aim to create beautiful and productive food growing spaces that benefit the environment and wildlife around them. Selling our produce Currently,...

Key skills & interests

  • Sustainable architecture
  • Permaculture and ecosystems
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Working with  young people
  • Helping people with physical or learning difficulties

Corporate partners

Internships are available through the following corporate partners. We match internships to the individual, depending on your skills, interests and what you’d like to achieve.
The architectural Research and Development Company who designed and built The Pines Calyx. Helionix Designs offer placements for interns with specific interests in building design and engineering. Visit
Empowering businesses, schools, public services and residential developers by supporting their transition into carbon free energy generation and unbeatable energy preservation. Visit

Cross platform digital content using environmentally friendly methods of production. Dedicated to creating work that encourages conservation and promotes sustainable living in the 21st Century.
Calyx Films

Kristian Bird

Kristian Bird

Health and Wellbeing in the Built Environment Champion

Kristian is seconded 3 days a week from Helionix Designs to manage our sustainable buildings and  internship programme.  Helionix Designs is  the company behind the Pines Clayx.

Contact Kristian on 2005 or

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call Kristian on 01304 852 790 ext. 2006

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