Due to the exceptional winter weather, work in the garden has been challenging. Despite this, we have made good progress, and the green shoots of Spring are at last starting to appear.

Our outdoor beds have been stripped for the new season and our winter planting is now well established. This month, we have sown our new potatoes. They should be ready to crop in June/July, and the daffodils we planted before Christmas are now showing in our flower and fruit border. Elsewhere, we have been  turning our compost, freeing up space for the new season’s organic waste, and ensuring we have a good supply of mulch this winter.

Indoors, it is time to accelerate the propagation programme, and it is a good time to bring on the less hardy seedlings. Best results will be obtained by using a heated propagator with plenty of light. When the seedlings germinate, keep them in a frost free environment. Do be vigilant; one frost can undo weeks of hard work.

Some examples of our sowing this month include peppers, chillies, tomatoes and aubergines.