Residential outdoor learning

Learn together, live together & experience nature
ActivitiesWhy us?

Watch outdoor learning in action!

Here is a sample of what outdoor learning activities we offer KS2 & 3 classes. Collaborative films, made with visiting schools show some of the activities pupils can enjoy. All can be tailored to the curriculum and the needs of your class.

Pond Dipping

Our quiet, beautiful fresh water habitat is the nursery for nearly every insect you can think of. Learn about the food webs that link everything together.

Minibeast Hunt

Beneath the logs and leaves, explore the wondrous variety of creepy crawlies! From the leopard slug to the millipedes and centipedes – it’s a magical mini-world!

A Day at The Bay

The Dover area is steeped in history. This coastal site overlooks the English Channel has been of great strategic importance from Roman times right through to WW2.


Learn to light a fire without matches. Collect kindling from the woods and strike a light with a flint and steel.

40 years experience

Rippledown opened in 1977 to provide safe outdoor learning for young people it is still thriving today.
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What makes a ‘brilliant residential’ at Rippledown

Connect with nature

The Outdoor Classroom needs children visiting it. The unique experience of an outdoor residential connects them with the natural world and opens up ways of living more sustainably.

Away from home

Being away from home is a learning tool in itself. Pupils develop life skills and improving team and class dynamics as well as self-awareness and individual confidence. Explore our hostel and grounds.

Sensory learning

Awakening all five senses can provide a profound and fun-filled experience. Pupils can make sense of their surroundings in a way that’s not possible in the conventional classroom.

Long term experience

Since opening in 1977, Rippledown has welcomed over 40,000 primary school children from all parts of the South East England and Northern Europe. Yes Rippledown is celebrating it’s 40 anniversary in 2017!

Educational membership, accreditations & partners

Supporting the campaign for brilliant residentials

Accredited by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.

Members of the Institute for Outdoor learning

Working with CCCU to asses the effectiveness of our outdoor learning programme.

Prices & booking for school residentials 2017

Per child, per night
PEAK - Apr to Oct £54.00
OFF PEAK - Nov to Mar £40.00
Deposit  £500
Outdoor Tutor & Extras
Full Day £200
Half Day £110
Camp Fire £50
Night Walk £50

Outdoor Tutor includes:

  • Lesson plans
  • Worksheets
  • Resources
  • Risk Assessments

One tutor is recommended for every 35 children

Free curriculum planning

We can create a tailor made residential to fit your curriculum planning. Arrange a free consultation and school visit from our Educational Advisor.

All essential kit is provided!

  • Wet weather clothing
  • Wellington boots
  • Rucksacks
  • Field studies equipment
  • Resource materials
  • Reference books
  • Pens and paper
  • Animal specimens
  • A fantastic experience!

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