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We are an environmental education, conservation and preservation charity established nearly 50 years ago. As CEO, my aim is to work collaboratively with communities to co-create new approaches to managing our natural environment and making the most of opportunities to inspire social action and impact for community health and wellbeing together. Principally we believe in the fundamental development of children and young people to learn through nature and to develop skills that will help them to find work, build resilience and be the innovative leaders of the future.


Residential & day outdoor learning

Learn together, live together & experience nature

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Companion Planting – The Three Sisters guild

The three sisters guild, consisting of corn, beans and squash, is one of the oldest known methods of companion planting, utilised by the Native Americans over 3000 years ago. It is called this because the plants support each other and thrive together, much like three...

Permaculture in The Bay Trust

As the new CEO of The Bay Trust I have spoken with many members of the public since joining three weeks ago and regularly hear people ask questions about why we use permaculture design principles in our gardens and what it means. So I have written this brief blog to...

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Between Dover & Deal

We operate on two sites just 4 miles apart off the A258 between Dover and Deal.

St Margaret’s Bay

For the Pines Calyx,
Pines Garden, Tea Room
and Museum

The Pines Garden
Beach Road
St Margaret’s Bay
CT15 6DZ


Rippledown Outdoor Learning Centre

Dover Road
CT14 8HE

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