During your visit to the Pines Calyx you will notice many functional objects from where you wipe your feet, to hang your coat. These unremarkable but essential items have been cleverly recycled from man made and natural materials. Take time to visit the ‘Show and Tell’ area to read more about this or just ask any member of the team and they will be more than happy to tell you more.

Pallet Christmas Tree

Chris Salisbury constructed this highly original take on the Pallet Christmas Tree. It has taken pride of place in the Upper Roundel, standing on the reclaimed wooden floor. We are looking forward to recycling the Christmas Tree again next year!

In the Pines Calyx the doormats are made from up-cycled lorry fan-belts, the reclaimed wooden floor was liberated from a building in London that was about to be demolished – when the Calyx was under construction and the vibrant green tiles are made from recycled wine bottles.